Sunday, July 5, 2015

My First Hip Hop Recital

I haven't danced in a recital,
since i was about 6!
I was so nervous for my recital,
but it really helps to have friends
who are dancers to calm you down!

My adorable niece Svea
wore a little leotard and tutu
that say "tiny dancer",
I think it should have said,
"world's most adorable dancer",
but it was so cute!  

She was waiting for me outside
and when some wind blew she just started
laughing and dancing so fast.

During dress rehearsal she wanted to 
get up on the stage so badly!
She just stood there so amazed
and danced the entire time.

She's like the cutest little angel,
I just hope she will always love to
dance and sing the way she does now!

Of course for a dance recital,
you have to have a lot of makeup,
like a lot of makeup!
Because my friends are 
experienced dancers, 
I called them up.
I had just gotten back from vacation 
and only had a measly 
two hours to do my makeup!
( Which by the way if your wondering,
no that is not enough time!)

So my friends raced over to my house 
and we managed to pull it off just in time!

And of course the rest of 
our small amount of time was spent taking pictures...
what else!?

Shout out to all best friends out there...
you totally rock!

I still haven't decided if this 
outfit is disgusting or cute...
so I just decided to hold Svea in front of it...
you could say so!

I just thought someone
would appreciate this picture of Svea
laughing at this weird tube thing
during my dress recital.

...If you aren't smiling now,
you should be!

Svea was so very confused
why my lips were red,
and why it made her fingers red...
Let's just say red lipstick is 
very messy...
and so is Svea!

Overall I really enjoyed hip hop,
and I just feel so thankful that I have the 
opportunities in life that a lot
of people don't.

All you dancers out there,
dance like no one is watching!

"tiny dancer" leotard- +H&M 
red lipstick- +Revlon Australia 
fake eyelashes- +e.l.f. Cosmetics 

P.S. Let me know if you're intrested in dance,
and i can let you know about my amazing studio!


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  1. Mathea, you look adorable in sequins! I'm disappointed there is no video, I was hoping to watch you dance :(