Tuesday, July 14, 2015

French Fishtail

This is just a fishtail but you add pieces 
into the braid each step so that it has the same effect
as a fishtail braid.

Step 1-
Start out by taking two pieces of hair,
like you would for a fishtail.
Step 2-
Take a small piece of hair
out of the bottom piece of hair.
(We will call this
Piece 1.)
Then, take a piece of hair,
that is not one of your pieces already,
that is also on the bottom side of your head.
(We will call this
Piece 2.)
When you have Piece 1,
and Piece 2,
both from the bottom section,
pull them up and hold them
with the top fishtail piece you are holding.

Step 3-
Repeat Step 2!
(Recap: Take one small piece from the top
piece you are holding.
Then, take a piece of hair from above the top
piece you are holding,
similar to how you would add in
pieces for a french braid.
Then make the two pieces you separated,
 become one piece and,
move them to the bottom 
and hold them with the bottom piece.

Step 4-
Repeat Step 2,
and then Step 3,
as many times as it takes to
complete your braid.

Tip: If you have short hair you can braid just your bangs for a tight clean look, or you can braid one entire side of your hair to give a little bit of a rebellious effect. If you have long hair you can fell free to braid either just your bangs, or all the way around your head for a stunning, more formal look.

Simply clip the ends with any clip,
or bobby pins and you are done!
 I decided to give some tips on
 how to complete this look as well.
If you have dark eyes don't be afraid to go bold,
if you have light eyes you can work the bold too,
but I have found shimmers of
pink and rose gold,
with a dark brown in the crease 
or right under your bottom eyelashes,
really makes blue eyes pop.

Tip: If you read my last blog post, you can see that I love the way glasses can accessorize almost any outfit. Most people think glasses are 'nerdy' or unstylish, but just look at how glasses complete this outfit and complement your face. 

This braid is so casual and easy,
yet its so elegant and beautiful.

Hair and makeup styled by- +Mathea Lee 
Model- +Siri Baxter 


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