Sunday, July 5, 2015

The Natural you

The number one rule of fashion,
is that
there are no rules!
It's no fun to try 
to dress like everyone else,
embrace messy hair,
or wear purple lipstick..
It's your life, 
wear what you love!
For this outfit i really wanted to embrace 
a totally casual look.
I love dressing up, 
but sometimes it's more relaxing to
dress down.

For a casual outfit it feels good to 
relax your face a little 
by wearing light mascara 
and some natural pink lipstick.
TIP: Never be afraid to go totally natural, God doesn't make mistakes, you are beautiful exactly the             
        way you are. 

Also glasses totally complete a natural look,
people always tell me they hate their glasses,
or feel to self-conscious to wear them,
but if that's who you are..
Then rock those glasses girl!
TIP: People  can always tell how you feel in your own skin/ outfit, so being natural and confident is          
         totally key in fashion.

For a casual hair style,
you can do a dutch braid.
After you complete the braid you can pull each loop,
so that it gives the braid 
a messy affect.
then i pull up part under the braid
and part from the other side of your head
into a small bun 
to give it a half up half down messy affect. 

If you roll up the ends of your pants,
it adds a little more casual style to your look.

Accessorizing with a few leather bracelets or even ponytails,
and a designer bag 
to compliment your outfit never hurt.

While wearing a plain colored 
casual T- shirt,
wearing a cardigan or flannel either 
tied around your waist (like the picture above),
or draped over your shoulders,
or just simply wearing it will add 
a spunky pop of color to your outfit.

TIP: You can roll up pants, the sleeves of causal T-shirts, and the sleeves of flannels to show some            
        style and class.

And yes...
I am totally wearing leather flip flops,
they're casual and match,
just about anything.
Be bold,
be messy
be happy,
be you!
(my cheesy message of the day)

In the words of Dr. Seuss,
"Today you are you
That is truer than true,
There is no one alive
Who is youer than you." 

designer purse- @charlesjordanNY
dark plum lipstick- +Maybelline UK 
flannel- +Kohl's 
dark wash skinny jeans- +American Eagle Outfitters 


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