Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Bookman's Adventure and a Mission Call to Russia

This week was very 
You never know what 
someone else is going through,
just be patient because 
that helps a lot.
This week I went to Bookman's
and I decided why not see what we can find?

(woah hottie alert,
I know right?)

My sister took a humanitarian trip
to Brazil and absolutely
loved it!
For some reason this just
makes it such a sweet place
for me to think of.
We love Brazil!

(Basically our relationship)

Had to take the classic
face-book picture.

If you haven't learned this by now,
you will in your life.
There are hard decisions in your life.
Pay attention to the small and simple.
Appreciate everything you 
get the chance to experience.

Book titles are so sweet 
and sometimes carry more message
than if you read the entire book.
I love that you can learn something
and then carry that knowledge
with you forever.
What I think about can
and does influence my day
and I love thinking
about all the positive decisions
 I have made in my life
that have lead me to where i am.
Regret will eat you up inside,
positive thinking will build you up
and carry you along.

We took a family trip to Prescott
and every member of our family was there,
 it was such a joy and 
a great learning experience.

PC: +Siri Baxter 

{ left to right; Kaj- You guys are
really weird; Svea- Oh, what are they
doing with their lips?; Kine-
Okay guys you're really weird.;
Mom and Dad- ...; Jonas- The I have just
completed my evil plan!!; Me- this face
is weird and normal, lets go with it; 
Siri- I'm innocent please I
didn't do it!; Lance-
Hey guys, is that a car driving
towards us? } 

They had a beautiful gazebo
in front of the beautiful court building.

(Aw aren't my parents
so adorably in love?)

We went antiquing,
some strange things can never be unseen...
Let's just say..
some things are not antiques,
they're just plain weird!

( Fur coats are just
so very chic!)
My sister has such a talent
for art so we enjoy looking
at art books together.
Art is just so different and beautiful.

Art can portray
words that speech sometimes cannot.

Martin Luther King and
The civil Rights movement
are something that really impress me.
I hope to meet Martin Luther King one day.
I believe that if you'fight for what you believe,
you can achieve anything.
courage is the key to success.

I think it's safe to admit
that mirror selfies
are just a white girl thing.

Look at the small detail.
Look at the big picture.

After antiquing for a while,
we went to a cute crystal shop, 
where i got my first henna tattoo.

It smelled so sweet 
and it was so beautiful.
The woman who did it, 
was so sweet and told me
that she could see exactly what
to paint on my skin.
It was a sweet fun experience
that I would definitely repeat.

Then of course my brother found
a perfect place to snap some pics,
which turned out adorable.

And of course there were lots of snacks.
(what trip is complete 
without food?)

our hotel had an awesome
spray painted building
right next to it
where I 
snapped some candids
of my brother Kaj.

Then they had a beautiful flag ceremony
in the morning 
with every state flag
displayed proudly.

It was so fun to get to
walk around
and just relax and not to 
worry about what i had to turn in
or what needed to get done.

(I tried sarsaparilla for the first time!)

Then the week ended 
with the big finale.
My sister, KineBritt,
got her mission call for
The Church of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints
where she will serve in 
Russia for 18  months.
She was overjoyed,
while i was more on the
scared to death side,
I am so happy and proud
of her as the beautiful women she has become.


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