Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Scouts, Photo Booth, Fog, and Svea

This past week 
has been so sweet.
Nothing incredible,
No crazy happenings,
just a pure blessing.
For our family activity
this week we made 
ads and mottos based off of
scriptures about choosing good 
music and influences in your life.

This week i have been trying new 
as well as challenging 
myself with harder subjects.
(such as my insanely 
crazy and hyper dog!)

This week 
my little brother, Jonas,
got his "arrow of light"
making him an official "man cub"
as the Indians would say.
This is a rare honor 
that not many boy scouts receive.
I am so proud,
keep it up little bro!

Also this week we had a little
cousin meetup
at my grandma's house.
Jonas decided to set up 
a funky little photo booth
for all of the cousins to use.

(even Grandma herself joined in)

Cousins are so awesome!
Then the next morning 
when i woke up,
there was a surprise!
A little known thing to Arizona,
called fog!
Fog makes for some very creative pictures,
and some very happy Arizonans.

Also this week I got to 
babysit my adorable niece!
I decided,
why not snap some pictures,
I mean she deserves it..

This week has been so relaxing
and stress free.
I hope there are many more weeks 
just like this one!


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