Saturday, January 24, 2015

Suns Meetup

A few weeks ago
I got my first real camera!
In celebration of my new
blog and camera,
My sister Siri bought me
a mug with my nickname on it!
(Sisters rule!)

My sister Siri 
is a professional photographer,
in other words i learn from the best.
I began my photography practice 
by taking some simple 
perspective and nature pictures.
It was somewhat tricky 
but a few turned out very well.

It has been so amazing to see all
of the small details that
my Heavenly Father
has created.

Nature is so complex
yet so beautiful and simple.
(Can you find the bee?)

On Saturday we went to 
Octane Raceway
and met the Phoenix suns.
I met my favorite player 
Gerald Green!
When Gerald was in high school
his finger caught on a basketball net
and was taken off.
He is now known as the 
"Four Fingered Assassin".

 We also met the new player
on the team,
Reggie Bullock.
Reggie just came from 
North Carolina,
which coincidentally is where
my dad went to graduate school.
Reggie was glad to see my dad 
wearing his 
North Carolina Tar Heels shirt.
We also met one of the twins,
Markieff Morris.

After meeting everyone 
was done meeting the team,
we all went to the raceway 
and cheered the team on.

After some long hours of practice on 
still things, 
I began to take pictures of 
moving things,
like my little 10 year old brother
My sister, KineBritt
also agreed to be my model.
And well, my niece, 
Svea didn't really have 
a say in the matter!

( How are they even this cute of
a couple?)


( At this point,
you might be wondering why,
and or how my family
is so beautiful...
Yeah I know,
I can't believe it either!)

Then one of my friends 
was courageous enough
to let me snap some pictures of her.
Joy is so beautiful
that her smile just lights up
the room.


I have learned from the best
teachers and had so many amazing experiences.
I have learned so much through 
these experiences,
and this week I was reminded
that we are all children of our 
Heavenly Father who loves us.
You are more precious than rubies.
You are beautiful beyond measure,
 and beautiful beyond makeup.
Thank you to all my
beautiful models!!


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