Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Cali Weekend Trip

My dad is the best traveler I have ever met.
Recently we took a spontaneous one day trip
to San Diego.

We set off with sky lit bright blue and clear.

We went to San Diego to see 
Sister Sanchez, our missionary friend.

We had the opportunity to visit the
Mormon Battalion visitor Center.
Sister Sanchez was able to give us a guided tour.
The tour was an action packed tale 
about the Mormon Batallion of soldiers
who moved West.

My dad's old friends
the Parrish's
met us at the Visitor Center 
and after the tour we were able to go 
down the street to a quaint little Mexican restaurant. 
With little effort my brother
was able to finish off an entire monster burrito.
The next day 
we headed to the temple 
for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.
It was beautiful from far away.
It was breath taking up close.
we then went to La Jolla beach.

( Siblings so rock! )

Where I of course took
pictures of everything!
It was windy with a chill,
but the water was clear warm
and so very beautiful.
The drive was long,
but every minute together was
worth it.

- Ti


  1. Love love love! Spontaneous trips are the best! We're so coming with you next time!

    1. you better come with!! svea in a swimsuit would probably knock me out haha