Sunday, March 8, 2015

Playful Tights

This is my first fashion blog post,
so hold on to your seat!
I am a shopaholic,
so putting new outfits together
is a treat I look forward to.
This weeks outfit begins with a sleek black
embroidered dress.
since black is very plain you should always
make sure to add:

1.bright trendy colors (peach, mustard yellow, maroon, etc.)
2.patterns to contrast the plain black

With this combo,
do not wear black shoes.
Wear shoes that are:
1.either flats or high heels would look fine
2.neutral colors that appose black and match your tights
NOTE- the more casual your shoes are the more casual your outfit will seem

Also last but not least make sure that 
your makeup light and playful.
Since your main clothing is black contrast it 
light makeup that compliments 
your eyes and does not drown them.

You now have a completed
gorgeous outfit!

embroidered black dress- +H&M 
patterned tights
and shoes- +Kohl's 
makeup pallet- +Mary Kay 
Try it out for yourself and 
tag me in your picture 

Leave any comments or thoughts below.
Thanks for reading!

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