Thursday, October 22, 2015

Style Swap

This is my attempt at proving that one shirt
can be rocked so many ways!

Take a look at this cute sleek shirt..

Even though this shirt is a bit retro,
it gives off that black and white, clean, vibe,
so with a black simple skirt,
your look will be easy to accessorize!

For example, 
having a thick headband,
especially a sweater knit one,
gives the perfect fall vibe.

You can accessorize with a pop of color
in your shoes or on your lips.
These moccasin style shoes are 
so comfortable, and 
comfort adds style in my mind!


If you change your skirt
to be the color popping item,
you can change your shoes to be
grey, black, or a dull color,
and this will accentuate your mid area.

A flare out skirt is never a bad idea!

These shoes are super trendy!
I love that natural vibe
of having just a front and a back.

To add a pop to this outfit you can
go all out with red lips with a hint of shine.


This shirt is so cute with any style of jeans.
For a lighter effect,
you can wear the natural black shoes,
and jeans of your choice.


To continue down the path of 
soft casual chic,
you can wear a nude or neutral
lip color.

Add a blazer to this look,
and you now have business casual.

What's my advice for when you shop?
Buy the thing that attracts your eye,
that other people are too afraid to buy!
If your style is unique,
you are already ahead of the game!

Black and white striped top- +Forever 21 
Long black slim skirt- +Kohl's 
Red moccasin style shoes- +Kohl's 
Black front and back shoes- +H&M 
Red gloss lipstick- +Revlon Trends 
Dark wash jeans- +American Eagle Outfitters