Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Galentine's Meetup

Last month I went to my first blogger meetup!
It was so hard to decide what to wear!
So after a long shopping spree,
you could say I was victorious!

I finally chose this adorable 
maroon flowy jumpsuit
from an adorable boutique called

Fashion is all in the details,
that's why this adorable tassel and
gold chain belt contoured the suit perfectly.

To keep this jumpsuit modest add some flare.
Use a cardigan or blazer for 
a professional looking touch.
TIP: never wear gold and silver together unless they are on the same accessory
               to avoid clashing

Gold blazer by- +H&M 

Then add an eye popping eye shadow pallet
for a dramatic effect.
Add a complementary neutral pallet
to draw attention to your adorable outfit.
eye shadow pallet by- +Mary Kay 

Then for a limp plumping wow effect.
TIP: when you wear a "bold statement" outfit make sure your lipstick is neutral
          but still a pop of color
lip stick by- +New York Cosmos 

And of course never be afraid to look
beautifully honestly classy and modest.
This light pink dress by- @shopesme
It is a great skin compliment and 
very figure slimming. 

(Well my sister is perfect so...)

When someone says silly faces and you both do the 
exact same face..
We must be related.

When we arrived to the @arizonabloggermeetup
it was all sweet from then on.
We had to start with some adorable group photos!

Meeting new friends was definitely the best part!
These gals are the best Galentine's I could ask for!

The sweets began with gourmet strawberries at the door
and ended with personalized waffles.
Strawberries by- +Shari's Berries 
waffles by- +Waffle Love 

Then we gave our amazing Galentine;s gifts,
gift giving is so fun!

And of course we ended the day with a group photo!
These ladies are worth everything,
bloggers rule!



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